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Antique Swords - Antique Japanese Swords
Includes both swords and fittings for sale, articles on swords photography, a
screensaver and other useful links.

Arms to Armor - The History Store - Swords, Knives, Bayonets ...
Offers antique (pre-1898) firearms, swords, bayonets, knives, polearms, and world
militaria. Specializing in American edged weapons. Also offers classifieds and ...

Japanese Art Swords
Thomas Buck has articles on saya lacquering and tsuka-maki. Saya repair and
tsuka-maki services in various styles are available.

Military Antiques & Americana - Dale C. Anderson
Offers items from the Civil War through WWII. Also does appraisals.

TherionArms - Swords, Weapons, and Armor - World Antique and Fine ...
Contains information on costuming, combat armor, hand gonnes, and dress armor.

Collectible Firearms and Edged Weapons
Dealers in European collectible firearms and edged weapons. Importers of books
on the subject.

Switcblade Knives - Automatic Knives - Tactical knife - automatic ...
Offers a large selection of collectible swords.

Bright Blades
Offering reproduction swords, knives, and armor from a variety of periods and movies.

- Home Page, Michael D Long
Antique arms, armour, swords and guns. Online shopping facility, business profile
and contact details.

Atlanta Budokan - Home
Japanese martial arts instruction (Nippon Bujutsu and Shinkendo)

Gladiator Movie - Film, Weapons, Swords, Armor.
Some facts and figures about the movie.

ikkyudo Welcome - Antique Japanese Swords, Sword Fittings and ...
Japanese swords and other Asian art. Sales, appraisals, restoration, research
and translation.

Historical Weapons Medieval and Japanese Swords, Daggers, Armor
Antique and replica swords, daggers, armor, shields, helmets, cannons, and books;
on line catalog and ordering, based in Valencia, Spain.

Japanese Swords Arms & Armor Home
Sales and information regarding antique Japanese swords.

Caldwell and Company Civil War Antiques
Sells books and some antiques.
Buy, sell, trade antique firearms, swords and collectibles. Also featured is
an "Ask Our Experts" section.

The Lanes Armoury armoury, sword, pistol, sabre, samurai, katana ...
Offers arms, armor, guns, and swords. Order by email.

James H. Francis Antique & Collectible Firearms
Pre-1898 antique and collectible firearms: rifles, pistols, accessories.

JPRI Working Paper No. 58
Thesis detailing discriminatory treatment of non-Japanese professors at the
Prefectural University of Kumamoto.

American Antiquities: Index
Tri-Annual publication American Antiquites. Also includes a directory of dealers
that offer a variety of antiques and collectibles.

CIVIL WAR ANTIQUES (Dave Taylor's) Swords Guns Uniforms
Buying and selling antiques and artifacts from the American Civil War.

ArmArt - Fully hand forged replicas of swords - rapiers - sabers ...
Company produces custom designed, fully hand made, reproduction ancient and
Medieval style swords, daggers, knives and fire arms for collections, reenactments, ...

Provides FAQ and information on Japanese sword arts including its orgins, contrasts
with other martial arts, costs involved, and related issues.

Weapons : we have Jane's Guides - Price Guides - Antique Firearms ...
Books on antique and modern guns.

Nautical Antiques and Marine Collectibles
Nautical antiques and collectibles, from binnacles and steering stations to buoy
lights, telegraphs, and deep sea diving accessories.

Dragonfly Forge - Home
Custom-made blades, specializing in forged steel cable.

Ethnographic Edged Weapons Resource Site: Home Page
Covers the edged weapons of numerous cultures worldwide including original material
and links.

Military antiques: swords, weapons & antique militaria
Buys and sells antique swords, bayonets, dirks, firearms, buckles, caps, British,
American, 3rd Reich, WW II, 19th Century, Napoleonic and earlier.

Antiques and Militaria
Offering medals, badges, militaria, orders and decorations. Comprehensive online
catalogue, ships worldwide.

Quality US and European antique firearms, swords and militaria.
Catalog of US and European antique firearms, swords, helmets and militaria.
Rare military rifles, Napoleonic items.

Historical Investment Arms - Antique and Collector Firearms ...
Antique firearms and edged weapons, mainly 19th century. Few items in stock, but
well presented.

Antique Firearms Collectible Guns Online Auction
Collectible arms of all types and periods.

Chen Chao-Po Japanese Samurai Swords
Dealing in Japanese style swords made by Chen Chao-po.

Antique guns, historic replica guns, pirate, civil war, old west ...
Features replica weaponry from a broad range of periods. Also offers related
accessories and collectibles.

Collecting information relating to Japanese swords (Nihonto), including sword
history, identification, care, glossaries, swordsmith profiles and translation ...

BHAARATA-SHASTRA : east Indian weapons - Kukris/Khukuris, Gurkhas ...
Resources for Indian subcontinental arms, armour and other militaria.

A resource site of antique medical, surgical, dental, and Civil War medical
related artifacts (Medical, Surgeon, Bloodletting, and Stethoscope.

Faganarms Antique Swords, Antique Armor and Related Items
Specializes in European and American swords, armor, halberds, and baskethilts.
Offers a downloadable catalog.

Joe Salter Antique & Modern Guns, Weaponry & Collectibles
Large selection of antique arms 20th century and older.
Specializes in auctions of swords, sabers, and edged weapons as well as flintlock
and percussion muskets and antique pistols.

Baltimore Knife & Sword Co.
Handcrafted arms and armour for stage combat and reenactments; also, chain mail
and jewelry. Photos and contact information. Based at the Maryland Renaissance ...

Rick Barrett - Hand Forged Japanese Swords and Fantasy Weapons
Custom bladesmith Rick Barrett specializes in Japanese style swords, katanas,
and fittings. Located in Goshen, Indiana and deals with customers worldwide.

Sword Forum International

Legacy Art Swords -- Ted Tenold
Ted Tenold is a polisher in both modern and traditional polishing methods of
modern domestic smiths to antique restoration projects.

Collector Guns: Handguns, Rifles, Knives, Swords, Weapons: Colt ...
Colt, Winchester, Bowie Knives, Guns, Swords, Armor & Memorabilia, Outfitter,
Guide, Hunting.
Chinese Antique Furniture,Chinese Antiques ...

Gavin's Japanese and Chinese art: Where to see Nihonto (Japanese ...
List of locations housing collections of nihonto in Japan, the United States,
the United Kingdom and rest of Europe. Includes links to each location.

Medieval swords : suits of armor, shields - helmets
A wide range of daggers, including medieval, oriental, fantasy and US Civil War types.

CW Slagle Antiques, Inc. American and European Firearms Antique ...
Antique and collectible guns, firearms, swords, knives, accoutrements and specialty

British Infantry Officer's Sword P1897
The story of Lieutenant RW Laurence Edginton of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment,
told by the owner of his sword.

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