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Antique Cameras

Information about collecting vintage movie equipment, an alternative timeline
for cinema history, list of equipment manufacturers, manuals, images, and links.

The Photographic Historical Society of Canada Index Page (Home)
The society serves camera and image collectors plus historians, and publishes
Photographic Canadiana. Offers a gallery, journal, events and monthly meetings.

Antique Soviet Camera: Home page
Selling 20th century Soviet and Russian collectible cameras, lenses, movie cameras,
and accessories. Includes vintage cameras and copies.

History Museum
Profiles and photos of exhibits.

Craig Camera Home Page
Collectable photographic materials. Cameras, lenses, and booklets.

Manual lenses with EOS cameras
How to use manual lenses (Spotmatic M42, Leica R, and Nikon) and telescopes with
Canon EOS autofocus cameras.

AM - Replicas,Radios,Phones,Turntables,Clocks ...
Antique and replica tube radios from 1920s to the 1950s, and schematic service.
They also offer a selection of vintage clocks, fans, and telephones.

Free Antique Camera Appraisal - Buy & Sell Antique, Classic ...
Classic and antique camera price lists, auction search, appraisal services and forum.

walter's camera repairs, the camera repair experts.
Repairs antique and modern cameras and stocks many spare parts. Located in California. :: underwater housings, strobes and arms for digital ...
Provides product listings, a discussion forum, glossary, articles, contests and
a buyer's guide to digital underwater photography equipment.

\\/\\/alk to the Beach
Two live cameras provide outdoor view of the Balboa Peninsula facing either
southeast towards Dana Point or southwest toward the Newport pier.

Living Image Virtual Vintage and Classic Camera Museum
Featuring cameras from private collection, not the exotica but the ordinary,
humble, and everyday cameras of the past.

Ken Riley Photographics Antique and Classic Cameras Home Page
Offering antique cameras, projection bulbs and lamps.

Moshe Barel site: antique cameras collection
Features photos of the a collection of pre-1950s cameras.

Camera Repair, Photographic Equipment Restoration by Ed Romney
Camera repair books and photographic equipment restoration information, as well
as repair tools.

EOS magazine home page
Online edition of the UK magazine for Canon EOS users. Offers news, event listings,
system information, and related links. - Antique cameras, accessories, photographic ...
A private collector's site devoted to the history, science, and marketing of
photography for the period 1880-1930. Features antique cameras, early darkroom ...

Antique Cameras
Displays and describes wood and brass cameras made before 1900. Includes related
history and 19th-century advertisements.

Historic and Antique Camera Collector Resource and home of the ...
Resource for Antique Camera Collectors and Photographers. Contains collectable
and classic camera references, photogrphica history, a photography related only ...

Exakta cameras collection
Source of information on Exakta cameras.

Andrews Cameras
UK-based shop selling classic and collectable cameras internationally. Also offers
camera collector's books, and modern secondhand equipment.

Bill Riley's Antique Cameras and Photographica
Bill Briley's home page of camera collecting and historical photographic materials.

All about Kodak Brownie cameras. Gallery, history, interactive "BrownieTalk"
forums and great links.

Maine Antique Photographica Gallery
Stereoviews and fine 19th and 20th century photographs and related items for sale.

Fritz Antiques - Selling Antiques, Collectibles And Photography ...
Selling a variety of vintage and antique photographs including daguerreotypes,
ambrotypes, tintypes, cabinet cards, stereoviews, and real photo postcards.

Ann Marie's Antique Dolls, Toys, and Antique Doll Museum.
Offers a large collection of antique and modern collectible dolls and toys.

Antiques, Art, Collectibles & More - GoAntiques
A searchable virtual warehouse with tens of thousands of quality antiques from
dealers around the world.

The History of Photography
Home page for David Silver's International Photographic Historical Society (IPHO)

classic cameras, used cameras
Used camera equipment dealer, specializing in classic and collectible cameras.
Based in the UK, ships worldwide.

Image Dissector Iconoscope Monoscope tubes
Lots of unusual valves (tubes) and CRTs for sale.

Gilai Collectibles: Medical Antiques, antique tools, sundials ...
Located in Jerusalem, Israel. The founder, Dr. Gilai, is the chairman of the
Israeli Society of Cane Collectors.

Digital Camera Resource Page: Welcome
News, reviews, buyer's guide, and message board for digital camera buyers and users.
Includes a chart of models, listing image resolution and storage media.

History of Photography Timeline
A detailed timeline of photography from ancient times to the present. Antique Photographica
Online auction of antique photographic hardware and imagery from photography's
first hundred years. Includes vintage cameras, photos, albums, books, ...

Vintage EIAJ Quadruplex Antique Audio Video Transfer to DVD 1/2 ...
Vintage video transfer to DVD or tape, including rare reel to reel, Quadruplex,
EIAJ, and Skip Field formats. Features damaged video recovery, tape baking and ...

Photica Project Web Site
Contains information and articles on historical photographers and groups.

Antique cameras, achat vente appareils photo et cameras de ...
Commercialise du matériel photo et cinéma de collection, proche du rond point
des Champs élysées et de l'Opéra.

Commercial Camera Repair
Camera repair for Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Hasselblad, and Leica. Located in Toronto.

The Death of James Bulger: Tragic Child Abduction Caught on Tape ...
Case information, analysis and comment.

Kodak: History of Kodak: George Eastman - the man: About his Life
Biography of George Eastman who developed the handheld camera and various
photographic processes.

Jon Grepstad - Photography and Texts
Personal site featuring a large collection of photography links, organized by
topic, with special emphasis on pinhole and large-format photography.

Manfred Schmidt Collectible Cameras and Accessories
Collectible cameras and accessories including Leica, Zeiss, Rollei, Nikon and
stereo cameras.

Antique and Classic Camera Web Site For Camera Collectors
Collector specializing in 19th century American wood and brass cameras, lenses,
shutters and related ephemera. Appraisal and identification services, ...

Vintage Cameras Ltd.
British retailer of 19th and 20th century cameras.

Harrington Antiques, Dealers of Antique Furniture, Vintage watches ...
Dealers of modern and contemporary art, artistic works in glass and quality timepieces.

River City Silver
Photographic Imaging - Price Guide for Collectible & Usable Cameras
Subscription based online price guide for collectible and used cameras. Pricing and
information on more than 23500 cameras.

Russian cameras
Information and links for collectors of Russian cameras.

PhotographyBLOG - Photography News, Reviews, Articles, Gallery ...
Offers news, reviews, photos, and links.

Model Rocket Video Camera Australia - Aussie RocketCam
Describes successful experiments using a 2.4GHz ISM band microwave video transmitter
and receiver to transmit live colour video and audio from a model rocket to ...

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